Website Design in Huddersfield - Burton Dean Web Design I have over 18 years experience in designing both corporate and creative websites that are usable, accessible and standards compliant. My portfolio speaks for itself, boasting a wide range of stylish, professional and easy to navigate web designs. I design websites that fit each of my clients' own requirements and understand that each client has different aims and objectives that they need a website to fulfil. Clients are kept involved throughout the design process so designs are always tailored to fit their vision.

Building a website can be as simple or as complex as is needed to get the visitor to respond. It may be that you want the visitor just to be aware of the website's content; you may want to encourage them to buy a product, or, you might want to get them to register for news or information.

If an existing business already has printed marketing material, then typically a website design will reflect the style and content of that online, hence the term 'Brochure' site. Generally, brochure websites are not built to enable online payment processing, which is where E-commerce websites come to the fore, but they can range from just a few simple pages with a contact form, right up to comprehensive in-depth and extensive content areas.

I will help you talk to your customers through a combination of clean, engaging, contemporary design, simplicity of navigation and supporting imagery, creating a website that both rewards the visitor and encourages interaction. I can offer responsive design for different media platforms.

I use both Joomla and Wordpress to create Content Management Systems (CMS) to help you take full control of your website. Please click here to view some of the features of a Content Management System.